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DNDDGL - Ghrimli Firesteel Flint Fireforge Male Dwarf Dragonlance mini

DNDDGL - Ghrimli Firesteel Flint Fireforge Male Dwarf Dragonlance mini

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Product Description:

- Exquisite 3D-printed miniature for tabletop gaming
- Suitable for tabletop role-playing games, display pieces, or collectors
- Printed using Durable High-Quality Resin
- Washed, Cured, and Support Free
- Available in 32mm, 75mm and Bust options with intricate details!
- Base option available
- Some assembly may be required
- Recommended glue: high-quality superglue for seamless assembly
- May contain small parts not suitable for small children
- Worldwide shipping available

Long Description:
Ghrimli Firesteel - Flint Fireforge (Dwarven Forgemaster) - A stalwart figure, Flint Fireforge stands tall, his sturdy frame a testament to a life spent in the forge. His heavy beard, flows down his chest, embodying the wisdom of ages. Holding his two-handed axe with practiced ease, he exudes an aura of mastery over his weapon. The axe, an intricate masterpiece of dwarven craftsmanship, bears symbols and engravings that tell stories of battles won and alliances forged.

Upon his head rests a helmet adorned with two sturdy horns and a single tuft of hair, marking him as a distinguished dwarf. His armor, a splendid display of filigree and rivets, speaks of a lifetime dedicated to both combat and craft. Ornate vambraces and boots, while protecting him, also serve as a canvas for intricate designs.

His chest piece, meticulously detailed, features crossing straps securing equally filigreed pauldrons, hinting at past glories. A riveted leather skirt, both functional and ornamental, safeguards his legs and carries a small pouch—a remnant of his journeys.

Resting on a base of cobblestones, an anvil crowns a wooden block behind him, symbolizing his mastery of blacksmithing. Flint Fireforge, a true dwarven master, brings his rich history and unparalleled skills to life in this stunning miniature from the DRAGONBLADE collection by PRIMAL Collectibles.
This Flint Fireforge miniature is a must-have for any collector or fan of the Dragonlance books.

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32mm, 75mm Miniature and Bust options available

Bust Sizes Available: 100mm.
Custom scaling for busts available upon request

Please note that the miniature is 3D-printed using durable high-quality resin, ensuring both quality and longevity. It has been meticulously crafted in 32mm scale, capturing intricate details that will enhance your tabletop gaming experience or make it a stunning display piece. The miniature is sold unpainted, allowing you to unleash your creativity and customize it to your liking with your preferred primer and paint choices.

Created by PRIMALCollectibles and sold under license.
You can find more incredible creations by PRIMALCollectibles on their profile at (

To achieve the perfect finish, please be aware that some minor cleanup and assembly may be required.
We recommend using high-quality superglue for a seamless and secure fit.

Base is Optional.

We take pride in offering 100% satisfaction with all our products.
If there are any issues with your order, please don't hesitate to contact us through our chat support.
We would be more than happy to assist you and resolve any concerns you may have.

Remember to exercise caution as the product may contain small parts that are not suitable for children.

We offer worldwide shipping to bring these amazing miniatures to players worldwide.
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