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DNDFZD - Argos - The Ironberg Dwarven Male Fighter

DNDFZD - Argos - The Ironberg Dwarven Male Fighter

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Join in the battle as  Argos, the Ironberg Dwarven Fighter,  guardian of the desolate north, and a steadfast defender of the realm. This miniature, part of the Heroquest: The Frozen Horror series has been designed by PRIMALCollectibles and brought to life by our team at Tavern Craft Studios. He is armed with a dwarven-forged Warhammer and an ornate buckler, allowing him to swing into the action. Argos Ironberg´s resolve allows you and your players to bring to life a dedicated defender, against the perils that await in the adventures ahead. 

Product Features:

  • Dwarven Craftmanship: While not forged by dwarves, it would undoubtedly receive their approval.  This miniature is 3D printed using premium resin. Argos´s miniature is as resilient as he is and built to withstand the rigors of countless adventures, ensuring it remains a lasting addition to your gaming collection.

  • Dynamic Gameplay Addition: Argos's miniature elevates the depth and engagement of your Heroquest adventures, allowing players to embody the unyielding spirit of a dwarven fighter.

  • Flexible Adaption: This miniature seamlessly fits into a wide range of gaming genres, including fantasy, adventure, and tabletop role-playing games. Whether you're exploring frozen landscapes, delving into dungeons, or embarking on epic quests, Argos is ready to take on any scenario.

Miniature Description: 

  • Stout and Study:  A dependable ally, Argos's rugged frame makes him the bedrock of any team, embodying an unwavering pillar of support. His unyielding stubbornness and immense might personify resilience and steadfast determination in adversity.

  • Unyielding Resolve: Argos's resolve burns brighter than the fiercest forge stoked by relentless determination. The life force keeps his veins pumping and his spirit unbroken where no challenge is too great and no adversary too powerful for Argos Ironberg.

  • Hammertime:  Argos's weapon of choice is a dwarven-forged warhammer, an awe-inspiring instrument of destruction. Its durable construction and formidable head embody the indomitable strength of the dwarven race. The Warhammer surface bears intricate runes and designs that add to its might and mystique.

Tavern Craft Studios invites you to unlock the warrior within and embody the indomitable spirit of Argos, the Ironberg Dwarven fighter.  Check out our shop for other miniatures in the Heroquest series or our other D&D models to bring life to your campaign. 

Product Description:

  • Exquisite 3D-printed miniature for tabletop gaming
  • Suitable for tabletop role-playing games, display pieces, or collectors
  • Printed using Durable, High-Quality Resin
  • Washed, Cured, and Support Free
  • Available in 32mm, 75mm, and Bust options with intricate details!
  • Base option available
  • Some assembly may be required
  • Recommended glue: high-quality superglue for seamless assembly
  • It may contain small parts not suitable for small children
  • Worldwide shipping available

Additional Information:

  • Created by PRIMALCollectibles and sold under license. You can find more incredible creations by PRIMALCollectibles on their profile at (
  • 32mm, 75mm Miniature and Bust options available 
  • Bust Sizes Available: 100mm. Custom scaling for busts is available upon request.

  • Please note that the miniature is 3D-printed using durable, high-quality resin, ensuring quality and longevity. It has been meticulously crafted in 32mm scale, capturing intricate details that enhance your tabletop gaming experience or make it a stunning display piece. The miniature is sold unpainted, allowing you to unleash your creativity and customize it with your preferred primer and paint choices.

  • Please be aware that minor cleanup and assembly may be required to achieve the perfect finish.

  • We recommend using high-quality superglue for a seamless and secure fit.

  • The base is Optional.

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Remember to exercise caution as the product may contain small parts unsuitable for children.

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