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DNDFZD - Valkyrie - The Battle-tested Human Barbarian

DNDFZD - Valkyrie - The Battle-tested Human Barbarian

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Enter the realm and take to the battlefield as Valkyrie, the Battle-tested Human Barbarian whose unwavering resolve and determination are poised to inspire adventurers to carve their own path to victory. This miniature, part of the Heroquest: The Frozen Horror series has been designed by PRIMALCollectibles and brought to life by our team at Tavern Craft Studios. She is armed with her iconic two-handed sword-bearing notches from numerous adversaries which is a testament to her prowess. Choose Valkyrie and bring this battle maiden´s legend to life at your tabletop. 

Product Features:

  • Intricately Detailed Miniatures: Valkyrie's miniature is not just a collectible; it's an artistic masterpiece that embodies the spirit of a courageous barbarian. This figurine invites you to step into the shoes of a fearless heroine, capable of taking on anything waiting on the path ahead.

  • A Valiant Tempest: Valkyrie's unwavering survival instinct combines self-sacrificing strength and fearless recklessness, making her a companion who will take a hit to save a life in the heat of battle.
  • Robust and Battle-Tested: 3D printed using premium resin, Valkyrie´s miniature is as durable as her character. Offering you the chance to embody your legendary barbarian or inner Viking heroine. 

Miniature Description: 

  • Scarred Surface: Valkyrie's miniature presents a battle-scarred visage that tells the story of her unyielding spirit. Her skin bears the marks of numerous encounters, each a testament to her survival against all odds.

  • Frostbite Blade: Valkyrie boats an intricately designed sword that features ornate engravings of Nordic symbols, paying homage to the frozen north. The crossguard is adorned with delicate yet fierce winged motifs, reminiscent of Valkyrie´s divine elegance and martial prowess.

  • Ornate Outfit: Valkyrie's armor is a splendid fusion of form and function, striking a harmonious balance between elaborate design and battlefield practicality. The artistic embellishments enhance its aesthetic and convey her deep connection to her heritage. Her distinctive fur cape is a vital accessory and a trophy of her strength and courage as a barbarian

Tavern Craft Studios invites you to unleash your inner barbarian and conquer untold stories as Valkyrie, the Battle-tested Human Barbarian. Check out our other miniatures in the Heroquest series to build out your Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder or other TTRPG campaign. 

Product Description:

  • Exquisite 3D-printed miniature for tabletop gaming
  • Suitable for tabletop role-playing games, display pieces, or collectors
  • Printed using Durable, High-Quality Resin
  • Washed, Cured, and Support Free
  • Available in 32mm, 75mm, and Bust options with intricate details!
  • Base option available
  • Some assembly may be required
  • Recommended glue: high-quality superglue for seamless assembly
  • It may contain small parts not suitable for small children
  • Worldwide shipping available

Additional Information:

  • Created by PRIMALCollectibles and sold under license. You can find more incredible creations by PRIMALCollectibles on their profile at (
  • 32mm, 75mm Miniature and Bust options available 
  • Bust Sizes Available: 100mm. Custom scaling for busts is available upon request.

  • Please note that the miniature is 3D-printed using durable, high-quality resin, ensuring quality and longevity. It has been meticulously crafted in 32mm scale, capturing intricate details that enhance your tabletop gaming experience or make it a stunning display piece. The miniature is sold unpainted, allowing you to unleash your creativity and customize it with your preferred primer and paint choices.

  • Please be aware that minor cleanup and assembly may be required to achieve the perfect finish.

  • We recommend using high-quality superglue for a seamless and secure fit.

  • The base is Optional.

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Remember to exercise caution as the product may contain small parts unsuitable for children.

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